Gold and beauty are two words which seem to go together. Traditionally, gold has always held value and
significance, in terms of enhancing beauty. The use of gold was prevalent for its potent curative properties.


Because our gold is so malleable and soft, it gently follows every contour of the skin. As a superbly heat
onducting metal, it warms the skin quickly and effectively during massaging of the skin.  This heat
conduction produces a revitalizing, nourishing effect on the senses as the gold actively draws heat to the
skin's surface, creating a healthy-looking, natural glow.





Our Gold Leaves were first developed for professionals in the hospital, spa and salon industry. The gold
leaves used in our products carry over 140 years of experience in the manufacture of gold. Our
impeccable, hygienic and dermatologically tested and certified specialty cosmetic grade gold and the
unchanging luster and exquisite thinness ensures the highest-quality product and produces magical effects.
Our gold leaf is precisely beaten to a thinness 0,0001 mm (one-tenth of one micron), producing a leaf with a
fine atomic network and visible translucence.


Our special beating process enables us to produce Gold Essentials at Micro particles ideally suited to
creating exciting and luxurious products. This leaf is subsequently cut into special cosmetic sizes and
transformed into naturally colored golden flakes and powders and added to our products during a precise 
secret manufacturing method. Gold assists in highlighting youthful looking skin, helps to diminish the looks
of age, and imparts a classic radiance. Its purity, warmth and glow impart soothing and exhilarating effects
as a part of a facial or body treatment. Enjoy an unforgettable gold skin  treatment and enhance your own
beauty with genuine Glod Elements products.






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